Choosing a florist for your wedding

Choosing a florist for your wedding

I love it when brides come into the shop, someone once said "a bride makes everyone smile". And in working with Brides I have found this to be so true. "Wedding fever" is so infectious. The joy that enters the shop when a bride walks through the door is almost palpable. There is something very exciting about a couple no matter what their age when they have set a date and are beginning to source ideas for their wedding that same delight is always to be found.

In choosing a florist there are a number of things to contemplate. First of all don't assume that all florists charge the same. There can be quite a difference in price so shop around. But do remember the old adage you usually get what you pay for. Look at the shops around you and consider the styles of floristry, does the florists' "look" fit in with what you want for your wedding.
Do they seem interested in you? For me, when a bride decides to entrust her most important day into our hands it is a great honour, and we work very hard in getting it right. Nothing gives me more pleasure than delivering the flowers to a bride who we have got to know over the months of preparation and seeing the delight on her face when she sees her bouquet for the first time.

Location, location, location:

 Is your florist near you? Now this does not have to be a pre-requisite. We have travelled up and

down the country with wedding flowers but for most people it is easier if the florist is in relative near
location to where you plan to marry. If the florist is not make sure they are willing to travel and what
other costs may be attached to this.
Ask to look at previous work, does the florist have photos so that you can get an idea of the kind of bouquets they make. Don't assume, as many people do that just because the florist may like us, look
very English Country garden that they cannot do modern, spectacular pieces.

Budget, budget, budget:

It is easy to get carried away when thinking about flowers for your wedding, but there needs to be an element of practical. As lovely as flowers are and as important as this day is, your marriage is more important and money can be put to better use. So you want the most "bang for your buck". Think
sensibly about all the things you need to get for your wedding and set a realistic budget for your
flowers. If you find your quote comes in more that you can afford go back and see what alternative
flowers can be used, is there a way of getting the look you want but in your price bracket. But do be
realistic, if you want your florist to fill the Church and your venue with flowers remember it is not
just the cost of the flowers you are paying for but their time and expertise.

When you have decided on a florist book your date with them. Most florists take some form of
deposit, which is usually deducted from the final balance. However in the event of a cancellation it is
normally non-refundable.


 Most florists welcome their brides coming to see them on the run up to the wedding. It is important to check that everyone is on the same page so to speak.  Also don't assume your florist can read your
mind, most of us can't.  If you are unclear about something don't be afraid to ask.

Choosing your flowers

It is really helpful to your florist if you have some ideas to showcase them. Gather as many pictures as you can to show your florist the kinds of ideas you are thinking. This will help your florist bring your ideas to life. If you have colour swatches of the wedding dress or bridesmaid colours take them
 along. If you have already chosen your dress and have a photo so much the better, take this with you as your florist will best be able to advise you on the style of bouquet that will work well with your dress. Now is the time to find about which flowers will be in season. If you have a favorite flower
think about the season, is it available? So often we have brides who want the lovely spring flowers
which are beautiful, but they are getting married in September!
If the flowers you had hoped for in your bouquet are not available your florist will be able to suggest an alternative. We find it helpful to sometimes have a plan B. As the seasons change flowers may not
always be available so it is advisable to think of a good alternative that will go with your overall look for your wedding.
Consider the type of wedding you are having. Your flowers want to be a reflection of your day. You
also want to be surrounded by the flowers you love, something that reflects you and your fianc├ęs
Are there flowers that hold a special memory for you? Maybe a flower that you remember from your
 Grandparents garden, or perhaps a bloom that was in the first bouquet of flowers he gave you!

 If flowers are not really your thing and you have no idea where to start then your florist should be
able to advise and guide you, so that together you can come up with a beautiful floral scheme for your special day.

Top table arrangements:

The floral design for your top table should be in keeping with all the other tables. That is not to say it has to be the same but there are a number of things to bear in mind. Your guests like to be able to see you and if you are hidden from view because your flowers are dominating then your guests will feel they have missed out on seeing you. The blooms that you use in your top table arrangement should be reflected in the arrangements that are displayed on the other tables.Traditionally the top table has had what's called a long and low. This form of design allows for the arrangement to go across in front of the Bride and Groom but as it's name suggests it does not obscure them.
Jam jars are all the fashion at the moment and a row of these spread out along the table gives a
wonderful country garden look. They have the added bonus of allowing you to give them away at the end of the day to some of your family and friends.
One of our designs, the herb heart is very popular. This is a wired green moss heart covered in various herbs which can be hung on the front of the table or placed in between the Bride and Groom. The nice thing about this wreath is it can the be taken into your new home and hung on a wall, here it will dry out and become a reminder of your beautiful day.



Tradition dictates that the groom and his entourage usually wear a small buttonhole on the left hand side of their lapel. Being the most important person the groom usually chooses a flower that matches one of the lovely flowers in his brides bouquet. The best man and the ushers would normally have something smaller but similar to the main man!
  Now these do not have to be formal and staid. Just recently we were asked to place lego figures in
the groom and best man's buttonholes, they looked great and were there for very personal reasons to these two men. But that's the joy of wedding planning, making the day far more personal to you and your families.