Lavender Dog Cart

I came home from work the other day to find two of my daughters had taken my beloved dog cart, and given it a new lease of life. The newly painted cart was also sporting some of our homegrown lavender which I love.
Lavender is really popular as I sit writing this in between serving people the one thing they all say as soon as they walk into the shop is"I love your shop it smells so lovely I can smell the lavender".
Lavender is so easy to fall in love with. The heady scent, attractive flowers and lovely foliage make it a welcome addition to your garden. On the plus  side it attracts the bees but is resistant to deer and the cute little bob-tail bunnies.

This year I managed to pick up some beautiful white lavender called "Alba" and some pink called "Rosea", both are just beautiful they have long fronds which bob up and down in the breeze.
One of the other favourites  in the shop is the dried lavender hearts. The super large one always draws attention. The wonderful thing about them is that they bring the outside in during those quiet days of winter.