Wicker wigwams and other childish delights!


I must admit I am a very sentimental person. I remember as a child building dens in the hedgerow and playing outside with my friends for hours, in what seemed like very long hot summer holidays. Maybe  one's memory forgets the rainy days or maybe the weather really was better forty years ago. Anyway these lovely wigwams, castles,tents, and dens reminded me of those blissful childhood
For me there is nothing nicer than seeing children charge around the garden absorbed in some make believe adventure.


Here at The Arbour we are delighted to be selling these fair trade products. They are all made of hazel and are very sturdy, made to last, though we do recommend you take them down in the Autumn and put them back up when spring begins to show forth. They come flat packed and are easily put together using cable ties.


Sometimes after a hectic day I like nothing more than crawling into our castle, cold Gin and Tonic in hand, warm grass beneath me, clear blue sky above me and I just stop. If I'm lucky no-one knows where I am and I experience ten minutes peace. If on the other hand I am discovered .........