Christmas is coming........!



I cannot believe that here I am in August sitting enjoying one of the nicest summers that we have had
 in years and I am having to think about Christmas!
 Here at the Arbour our dear postman keeps dropping in with our post, his arms filled with Christmas catalogues.
Now,I know it is on the horizon, and I  acknowledge  I am going to have to face this, and I will openly admit that Christmas is one of my favorite  seasons in the shop. (The other being wedding season.)but the girls are having to drag me kicking and screaming into thinking about it just now
when temperatures are soaring.

I am having trouble keeping up with the seasons. Am I the only person who thinks this year is cantering by? I keep asking customers if they would like a nice spring  mix!


It does not seem five minutes since the buds on the trees sprang forth and gave us the beautiful  blossom, which in turn gave way to a garden full of righteous colour. Now there are tractors on all the roads as the farmers work around the clock to bring the harvest home.
The colours in the shop will begin to turn from the soft pinks of larkspur and hydrangea into the
muted yellows and oranges of autumn.



But Christmas! Still, I know time waits for no man, and so I must turn my attention to the days drawing in. I need to think about the time we will all need to pull on warm cozy sweaters to keep the chill off, Crackling fires and the heady scents of Christmas. So with that in mind I think a nice cup of something from our favorite tea shop  across the road,"Bunty's," a piece of cake to calm my nerves and we will begin to plan something very special for you all.