Feeling Good with Flowers!


Fresh flowers should not be confined to just celebrations or flower festivals. It is now well documented how flowers can bring a sense of well-being and greatly improve people's moods and reduce the likelihood of stress related depression.


The presence of flowers can subtly alter the atmosphere of a room creating an oasis of calm. Natural beauty is very soothing to people. Waking up next to some beautiful flowers is a wonderful way to start the day. Flowers seem to be able to get the day off on the right footing and it makes it easier to get out of bed!


A study in the States showed that the presence  of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of satisfaction and affects social behavior in a positive manner. If that wasn't enough just think of the joy it brings when you give someone special to you flowers.

So know matter how big or small your home, it is advisable to make your safe haven, cozier and smell delicious by having some flowers in the main areas for everyone to enjoy.

 But these feelings of well-being  don't need to be confined to just the home, the work place can become a far more creative and productive place if people can see fresh flowers. Another study in the U.S showed that  not only did it brighten up the working environment, but the workforce became better at innovative thinking and more creative at problem solving. So all you bosses out there fill your offices with flowers and get those creative juices running!