Petal Power.

Flower petals conjure up a real sense of romance. Wether it's scattering petals at your ceremony or real petals used as confetti, there is something really magical about them. We were recently asked by a bride for our bags of dried confetti so that she could scatter them all around their bed and room on
their first night as Mr and Mrs. So romantic!

Originally Rose petals  were used to symbolize fertility. A young maiden would walk in front of the bride tossing handfuls of petals as she went. Often they were red petals a sign of fertility, the young girl wore white as a sign of purity. Symbolically it meant the brides purity was now going to give way to the happiness of fertility.

For little ones who might be in the wedding party, but for whom carrying a bouquet or basket might be a little to much, scattering petals before the bride might be an ideal "big girls job" to give them. It also is a great distraction from any nerves they might be feeling.

Scattering flowers need not just be for the floor but can be used to great effect on your guest tables.
And don't think you need to be limited to just weddings, a summer  garden party can be made extra special with the addition of flower petals strewn on the tables. A harvest supper looks wonderful with the addition of yellow and orange petals weaving  in and out of the guests place settings. In fact the possibilities are endless!