Babies, Birthdays and Bouquets

One of the lovely things about being a florist is the fact that people come to you for some of the most major events in their lives. They share with you, at one end, the joy of a new baby in the family and at the other end, the sorrow at the loss of a loved one. In between that you have weddings, birthdays anniversaries, I'm sorry and many other reasons. The one I love is the "just because".  "Just because" I love you, "just because"I can etc.
Giving flowers really touches peoples hearts. To recieve an unexpected bouquet of flowers just brightens everyone's day.

It's funny how we associate some flowers and scents with different events. I always love freesias because that was the scent that was predominant when I received flowers after the birth of my children.  It's a fragrance that always makes me smile. Whenever we have them in the shop I always bury my ahead in a bunch and drink in their heady aroma. I am immediately transported back to those days of new babies.

Lavender- the scent of Grandma, how many of us can remember our Grandmas wearing a perfume with lavender as it's  base notes. What are your favorite scents?

So often we are asked to use a favorite flower, especially by brides. They love to fill their bouquets with all the flowers that resonate with them. It's amazing how people vary in their personal preferences. But that is the fun of this job. Every day is different. You can not plan, you have no idea what will walk through the door each day. People share so much of themselves with us that we are given a unique insight into people's lives. This is a great honour, and something to be treasured. When people share their secrets with you, and you help them plan glorious surprises for their loved
ones it fills us with delight!