City Living!

 This week I am down in Portsmouth visiting one of my children. It is a glorious warm September day and I am overlooking the beautiful blue sea and Gun Wharf quays area of Portsmouth. Their next door Neighbour has created this wonderful "garden" of flowers on their balcony.

It is a cacophony of colour.  Using terracotta pots in all shapes and sizes they have created this lovely oasis of calm four floors up.

The couple have also managed to grow some vegetables up the walls, long trailing  courgette  plants, tomatoes and cucumbers all fight for space amongst the geraniums, begonias, camellias and fuscia  plants.

It is lovely to sit and see an array of vivid colours right in the middle of this vibrant city. It is a good reminder that a life without flowers is really no life at all, or maybe that's just the florist in me.