Autumn Walks and Scented Pine Cones.

Why not take the children on an Autumn walk this weekend and do a bit of foraging. Gathering pine cones may not be high on the foragers list but these little versatile gems are fun for small hands to collect.

Display then throughout the winter season in your Christmas decor, which will allow them to dry fully.
In the Spring paint the "leaves" of each cone with a bit of vegetable oil which has your favorite essential oil added to it. Leave them to dry, then store them in an airtight container until the fine weather returns and you no longer need to have a fire.

When the grate has been cleaned, fill it up with the lovely scented cones. The essential oil will release a delicate fragrance into your room.
When Summer draws to a close again the  dried cones make great fire  starters for the new Autumn fires.