Beautiful Farewells!

This week has seen us participate in helping someone say good-bye to a loved one. When a grieving family chooses us to do the final tribute to their loved ones we really do  feel privileged.

The giving and receiving  of flowers during times of mourning, sadness and grief are a welcome sign that people are thinking of you and you are not facing this alone.

A study was done in 1990 on the role of flowers and plants in the bereavement process and this substantiated what we already know, that flowers given with love always makes people feel better. It raises their morale  and gives them a boost. I think it's knowing that you are not alone, people are thinking of you that helps everyone.

Flowers also provide a voice to the people who have difficulty in finding the right words of consolation. Flowers are a tangible way of showing concern, affection and support for those who are grieving.

The funeral we did this week Elizabeth and I had to decorate a most beautiful wicker coffin.
I know these are becoming more popular and I can understand why. There was something very elegant and natural about it and I personally thought it looked lovely.