I love photos. Anyone who knows me knows I like to have photos of my loved ones all around my home. Just like picture frames, the containers we use for flowers plays an integral part in the overall effect of a flower arrangement. Starting to build up a collection of containers is a must for anyone who is enthusiastic about flowers.

Containers come in all shapes and sizes, colours and textures. They can be made from glass, china, pottery, wood, stone and metal. Even fruits and vegetables can be used. To a certain degree, each container dictates the types of flowers used. For example a small jug or old battered watering can would look lovely with a very informal arrangement of garden flowers whereas a tall elegant vase is going to require Lilies, delphiniums, aconitium, larkspur etc.

Things to think about when choosing a vessel;  a tall receptacle is going to require long stemmed blooms. Small dainty pots are best suited to delicate flowers. Vases with narrow necks can accommodate slim stems whereas the wider neck can take a substantial amount of plant material in order to stop the flower stems flopping over the side.

There are many "tricks of the trade" which can help support your flowers. If you are using a something other than a glass container Chicken wire can be crumpled and placed inside which helps to support the stems.
As a rule of thumb the deeper the container the longer the flowers will last as this allows the stems maximum contact with water. However low containers can be filled with florist oasis and greenery and flowers can be cut short and placed in them, as long as you remember to keep watering it your
flowers should keep giving you pleasure.

When choosing your container you must also consider the colour and texture because you want it to compliment your flowers rather than compete with them. In contrast, glass is often the easiest to use as it does not contend with the colour of your blooms.

Using larger fruits and vegetables can be fun. Scrape out some of the inside and place some oasis or a vase to suit the size and fill with flowers. Also if you have a favorite receptacle but it may not be suitable for placing water in or is not water tight then again find something that will fit inside and allow your imagination to run riot and create a stunning focal point.