Bonfire night!

When I was younger we loved the night before bonfire night, it was known as mischief night and we used to delight in going around the village and knocking on people's doors and then running and hiding. Changing shop signs tying gates and covering door knobs and car doors in butter or golden syrup. All innocent fun, or so we thought! There was something very exciting about this time of year.

We spent All Hallows' Eve dressed up and carrying our turnip lanterns wandering around the village followed as I said by mischief night and then straight into bonfire night. Where half the village celebrated the fact that Guy Fawkes had try to blow up the houses of Parliament and the other half
delighted in the fact he was caught, hung, drawn and quartered. Around many villages bonfires and
fireworks still commemorate this event.

In making decorations for your home at this time of year it is fun to use flowers that represent
The bright and vibrant colours  found in fireworks and roaring fires. Spikes of seasonal gladioli, bright gerbras, large chrysanthemum heads, sunflowers, eryngium and berries all can be used to make a tall striking arrangement for this event.