Christmas Music and a Day in the Shop!

To day was our first day in the shop with Christmas music, a bit early I hear you mutter, I know, but I have really enjoyed bopping to some very lively Christmas songs while Kizzy and I made wreaths. Well I say I made wreaths, Kizzy said they could only go on the doors at home. She did concede that one was a very nice shape! However I was quite pleased with my first attempt and once I had decorated them I felt they looked quite presentable. Thankfully I don't have to demonstrate how to make them at our workshops!!

The shop is preparing for the Lincoln Christmas market this next week. The girls have created a beautiful window display complete with fireplace. If you get a chance come down and see it, we have had so many compliments which is just lovely. Customers are placing their Christmas orders and choosing the design of their wreaths, I must admit I love this time of year. I know I've said this before  but candles flickering in the twilight and flames in the fireplace just fill me with good feelings and they always make me feel festive. So today I was allowed to set to and create some more  candle gardens, as. I like to call them!

Don't forget if you are in town for the market, pop in and see us the shop is just filled with some lovely bits and bobs!

Have a great weekend!

P.S excuse the photo quality I forgot my camera.