Now here in England we do not usually celebrate Thanksgiving. However in our own family one of my daughters had taken on this feast and decided we are going to gather as a family and give thanks for what we have.
Thanksgiving first started in New England in America.  A group of 38 English settlers arrived a Berkeley plantation via the James River. The group made a charter, which required them to commemorate a day of thanksgiving to God for their safe arrival.

In New England the first Thanksgiving was celebrated in Plymouth in 1621 by the pilgrims and 91 Indians. The Indians had given the new settlers much help in adjusting to their new country. After
enduring a very heavy winter, many of the settlers died. The following spring the Indians showed them how to plant crops of corn, maize and pumpkins. After growing a wonderful crop the settlers and Indians celebrated with the old English harvest festival and Thanksgiving was born.

Today, Thanksgiving is a time for gathering together with friends and family and celebrating all that
is good in life. This is time for really going to town and creating a lovely atmosphere in the home. Many doors across America sport a wreath to welcome their guests. Branches can be used from the garden as the wood is still pliable. They can be twisted into circles and wired together and decorated or if you have ivy or a vine they can be cut back and a simple decoration made.

It's fun to use fruits and vegetables as part of your decorations. A garland of chillies hung above the cooker on a mantle shelf look good with lots of greenery interspersed with flowers and fruits. Cranberries can be placed in large glass bowls with floating candles. As cranberries are harvested in
water they don't worry to much and won't decay to quickly. The other quirky thing to do is to carve out an apple and add a Tealight, this looks really effective when you use a line of them down the table or across a window sill.

Whatever your reason at this time of year for decorating your home, take time to stop and look around and give thanks for all that you have.

Happy Thanksgiving!