On these dark grey days of winter, when the sun stays very low slung in the sky and evening seems to set in very early it is wonderful to see nosing their way up through the frozen hard earth little spikes of green, heralding the fact that Spring is on it's way.

 Galanthus or snowdrops as they are more commonly known, carpet the ground from January till April. The crisp, clean, white petals lie in stark contrast to the dark boughs and red berries in the hedgerows of the winter months.

As Winter begins to recede and like sleepy bears we begin to come out of hibernation and get back outside its fun to go on a snowdrop walk.  There is something quintessentially English about seeing masses of snowdrops in a Churchyard or woodlands. Many country estates and gardens open early just so the public can go and partake of this beautiful sight. Traditionally, churchyards had many snowdrops planted so that there would be a good supply of flowers for Candlemas On the 2nd of Feb. Christmas greenery was taken down and replaced by jugs full of these little beauties.

So while we wait for more flowers to put in an appearance why not go out and gather some of these lovely little gems, pop them in a small glass vase and place them some where, where you will see them, so that each time you do they will make you smile.