Time to Reflect

I always like January. I think it's something to do with new beginnings, a bit like when I was at school I loved the new term in September when we were given new books, clean white crisp pages  just waiting to be written on. That's how I feel about the new year, a blank slate, pages waiting to be filled.

These cold crisp days which are beginning very slowly to stretch out into lighter evenings help us to see that  Spring is slowly waking up, stretching and beginning to push up through the frozen ground.

Walking around the garden at home the snowdrops are carpeting the ground under the cherry trees.
We see Hyacinths are coming through on the markets, their beautiful scent filling the house with their fragrance. Early daffodils and tulips, brighten even the darkest corner, I love jugs full of these little beauties dotted throughout the house giving such cheer.

The busyness of the festive season is over, the New Year is quieter, it gives us an opportunity for some peace and tranquility,a time to reflect, looking forward to new challenges. Taking forward what really worked last year and learning to leave behind that which didn't. The one thing I've learnt about working in The Arbour is you don't know what's going to come through the door on any given day, so you have to learn to go with the flow, that can be quite challenging for someone who usually likes two weeks advanced notice, but it does keep each day unique. A number of customers have asked if we will do some more courses following our successful wreath making ones, I definitely think some more courses are on the agenda, so watch this space, more news on that Later.  

As I said the other day we are expecting a delivery sometime this week of new stock which is always exciting. I love Spring colours and I know we have ordered some lovely planters in these lovely fresh colours, can't wait to see them planted up or filled with the newest blooms.  I was delighted to find moss shaped rabbit wreaths- definitely having one of them for my front door at Easter! So for now here's a taster of some of our new range, I will hopefully be able to post some more pictures on all theses lovely new goodies next week.