Family Wedding!

For those of you who don't know us, we at The Arbour are a Mother and two daughters team. One of our team Elizabeth is getting married in April and excitement is beginning to mount. Elizabeth will be my third child to get married and our second daughter so I must admit we are a bit more Laissez faire about this one.

Elizabeth, like many brides was excited to organize her dress. She had an idea of what she wanted, so with these thoughts in mind we went off into Lincoln  to try some on.
Her fiancé is from Scotland and is an only child so we thought it would be lovely to invite his Mother to come with us. We had a lovely day watching Elizabeth try on different dresses. This was a first for me, because when our other daughter Emily was getting married she found her dress at a little boutique and we decided that it was just what she wanted. Even in choosing my own dress I went to one shop and tried on two dresses and chose between them.
However! none of the dresses Elizabeth put on seemed quite right, they just weren't  " the one".

In the afternoon  we had made an appointment at one of the Counties leading dress suppliers, Belles and Bouquet, at Wellingore Hall. They have an amazing range of dresses, Elizabeth tried on a number of dresses,  we had first, second and third picked out, all of them just as she had imagined.  Then we spied one completely different to her  ideas, very simple but stunning.
Soon as she came out of the changing room I just knew, "this is  it" I thought, I could tell by the look on her face. We all started to cry, she looked beautiful, as only a bride can. She span and twirled all around the room and my heart melted my beautiful little girl was all grown. Anthony's Mother suddenly realized for the first time that this was it, her little boy was getting married,  we all stood there dabbing our eyes.

There is something very exciting about finding the right dress, I knew in that moment that no other dress would stand up to comparison. This was most definitely "the one". Rejoicing in the fact that the deed was done and I could strike that off my list of jobs to do.
The following Monday  We went back with Elizabeth's Father and Sisters so that they could  o.k the decision.  While we were there we decided  on their bridesmaid dresses;  Strike while the iron is hot, is my motto. It was a great feeling to know that not one but both jobs could now be ticked off my ever growing to do list. I must admit Belles and Bouquet made the job very simple and thanks to Grandpa's very generous request it wasn't to heavy on the budget either!