Hearts and Flowers

Hearts and flowers are such evocative symbols of romance and love. And to be fair it's not any flower but that intoxicating beauty that even Robbie Burns but pen to paper to write about, the red rose. Symbolic of love and romance, it truly lives up to its reputation in February.
Red roses are the time honoured way in which to tell your be-loved that you love them.
Converted down through the ages for their simple beauty and intoxicating scent, the rose has always won the hearts of many a young lady.

I must admit that red roses are not my favourite, I love the creams and pinks, there is something very special about recieving a bouquet of roses at no matter what the colour. For me what is important is the message behind the gift,  That I am loved. No matter how big or how small the fact that my beloved has taken the time and effort to dig deep into his pockets, ( as you have to at this time of year) and go and buy me a some beautiful fresh flowers makes my heart just melt.

So as we gear up to another Valentines day here on Steep Hill I hope your St.Valentines day will be filled with love, hope  and romance.