I think after the dress the other attention to detail in this wedding has been the invitations. Now I am what you would call a traditionalist, I know call me old fashioned but when it comes to weddings I love proper wedding etiquette. So when we began to think about the all important wedding invite I thought clean, crisp, white or cream heavy card embossed with black ink, carefully worded and tied with a pretty ribbon. Similar to the design I had. It had stood the test of time and was evocative of times past.

 However when Elizabeth and I began to do some research I was amazed at the array of beautiful invitations that were out there. As you would expect the internet threw up a wealth of ideas. But we settled for Not on theHigh street

 Here we found some beautifully thought out designs. It never ceases to amaze me how very talented some people can be, in fact you can become very bamboozled with all the different choice.

But for us one stood out, I just loved the wording and the colour ways. Elizabeth and I both agreed these were just perfect and very much in keeping with the relaxed informal feel we want our guests to have when they join us for her most special day. Thankfully her Groom gave his full approval, which is a good job really as I want him to sit and write them all as it will save Elizabeth's Father and I the task of having to do it!