Learning to go with the flow!!

One thing I am learning when things go awry in wedding planning is that you have to learn to go with the flow. And for a complete control freak like me let me tell you that's quite hard!
We all had quite a shock recently when we went for a fitting of the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses we had ordered last year.

 Don't worry the wedding dress was fine and still fitted the bride, which was a great source of relief I can tell you. However the bridesmaids dresses were the wrong colour. As we all stood there feeling slightly shocked, panic was beginning to grip my mind, did it matter?, what had we ordered that matched the colour we had chosen? Would  we able to change the dresses in time? All these questions rushed into my mind as I stood there thinking "flip" or words to that effect!

Now to be fair to the lady who was dealing with us she was equally shocked as we were. We had fortunately been given a swatch of the colour we had chosen; so that's a good tip for you, always ask for a swatch! The problem seemed to be that someone had written the wrong colour down, a simple mistake but one that was going to have repercussions for us.  So there's another tip, check the colour written down is the same as the one on the colour chart!
Now in the grand scheme of things I know this is not a huge issue, it just meant some creative thinking on our part.

 Wellingore Hall promised us they could get the dresses on time, but Elizabeth and I were in agreement that we just did not need that kind of  stress in our lives,waiting and hoping that they would arrive, so we decided to stick with the colour that had come. Don't  get me wrong
Elizabeth's sisters looked sensational in the new colour, it just wasn't the shade we had picked or the one  Elizabeth had been dreaming of for the last ten months.
Anyway, Emily, who is tasked with not only being maid of honour but also creative director of all things to do with wedding decorations immediately went into overdrive, she got straight onto Pinterest and came up with a whole new colour scheme for us.

 Elizabeth has stepped back from the flowers for her own wedding and is entrusting it all to her Sister and I. This is quite  daunting for me as I don't have the talent my two girls have, but I am looking forward to the challenge. I think Emily's ideas will look beautiful in the Church and barn and I know her ideas for her sisters bouquet will translate into something really beautiful, which I look forward to sharing with you after the event.

But for now, to make sure there are no more hiccups I need to go through my checklist and see what things I still have to organize because I cannot believe how fast these weeks are slipping by and before I know it my beautiful little girls heart will no longer be mine but will belong to another.