A hat trick!

So here we are with two weeks to go. I have one very excited bride on my hands as you can imagine. Today we have the final dress fittings, hopefully when I contact the carpet company they will say that the carpet will be with us next week. Our son-in-law is an electrician so he has sorted out all the electrics in the barn. Slowly one by one my to do list is getting smaller. There have been glitches along the way, two in the last week. I have already told you about the bridesmaid dresses being the wrong colour,  well poor Elizabeth went to pick up her wedding ring from the jewelers   (having
waited about six weeks for it.) only to find they had ordered a ring made of white gold and not the palladium one she ordered.  Needless to say Elizabeth was a bit upset especially when she was told they would not be able to get another ring in time for the wedding and could she just use the white gold one and return it when the wedding was over. Now I don't know about you, but for me the wedding ring is pretty crucial to the whole affair. I just don't believe that an object that has been blessed on your wedding day should just be handed back to be sold on to someone else, and for you then to receive the ring you should have had at a later date which is not blessed.
     So what does an upset bride do? She phones her Mother! Well let's just say when I went into the shop I was given a very different reception to the one Elizabeth received! They assured me the ring would be there on time. Now what I don't understand is why they could not give that level of customer service in the first place. They had quite clearly made a mistake, own it and rectify it. All it needed was one of the sales staff to make a phone call, which they did and the situation was rectified. They have now assured us the ring will be here on time, let's hope so

This all happened on Friday then on Easter Sunday we received a phone call from the lady who had organized some staff for us, they were going to come and help serve on the day. But now due to
personal reasons she, and they would not be able to help out. This was a bit of a blow. However I refused to panic, we were seeing the caterers on the Tuesday who thankfully have said they will provide us with some, hooray for the Salted a Orange catering company. Failing that it will be all hands on deck and we will serve our guests ourselves.
 So that is three things, let's hope we now have a plain sail up to the day itself.