Preparing the Barn!

Sorry meant to post this last week!

Well here we are less than a month to go until the big day. last weekend we had a very simple{by todays standards} Stag do. A group of young men arrived and before they could get down to the nuts and bolts of watching the rugby and having a beer the barn that is going to host Elizabeth's reception needed to be cleared out, washed down and cleaned.So with  mop and buckets in hand these young men needed to go and sort out some of my parents "treasures" that they no-longer used. In fact  the barn had become a bit of a dumping ground for all of us, so Elizabeth's father was like an army drill Sargent directing operations and deciding which articles needed to be kept and which needed to go.
The boys built a huge bonfire with much of the rubbish which they enjoyed later in the evening.

So now we have an empty swept barn. We are just waiting for some carpet to arrive which will not only give us some much needed warmth, but also a uniform of colour. it is quite exciting to have a completely blank slate to decorate. Emily and I have been discussing the various ideas for decoration and though we don't want to go over the top{ it would be very easy to get carried away}. we do want it looking pretty.

I do know I want some lovely floral hearts hanging on the doors. Stags will be playing a part, as the groom is Scottish, and know doubt eryngium will make an appearance. Lots of Eucalyptus, pussy willow and soft ruscus will be in use. Alongside some lovey creamy Avalanche roses, Ranunculus , Eustoma, Alstroemeria and many other beautiful blooms.