Wild flowers and Bees

This year I have decided to try planting a wild flower meadow in the garden. I have been inspired by an article in Country Homes and Interiors Magazine. But also I know we need to increase our bee population, and seeing  as I love honey I thought it would be a good idea to combine the two.
 Here in the shop we have been given some wild flower seeds as a promotion from "Wildlife world" who are trying to get everyone planting native seeds to encourage wildlife back into our gardens. So I thought this is the year I am going to get my garden straightened and alive with colour.

There is something typically English about a country cottage garden and I can never resist stopping to take a peek over a wall that is in full bloom in the summer. I always get a little green eyed when I see them. Having had eight children, four of which were boys you can imagine that anything I tried to plant just got kicked over or trampled on as they rescued their rugby or football. Anytime I tried to suggest that I might like to plant a border or make some nice flower beds this was just met with groans and moans. I must say not just from my children but also from their Father at the thought of having to go and get his spade!

But now that the youngest has reached twelve I am hoping I might begin to create some quiet little oasis where I can retreat to. In my wildest dreams I would love a Romany caravan situated under the apple trees in the orchard where my Grandchildren can come and have tea. Possibly walking through my wild flower path to reach Grandma. Now in this ideal world the little tykes won't trample over them, or snap their heads off. I quite like the idea that they may pick a few to fill a jam jar for Grandmas windowsill!
However they do say an apple doesn't fall far from the tree so I' m not holding out much hope, just daydreaming!