Sun, Sand and Sangria Or maybe Pimms!

What is it about this weather that immediately turns our minds to the up coming holidays. there is nothing nicer than the thought of sea, sand and something nice long, cool and refreshing to drink.

 I love all the seasons but as I get older I find I am more in tune with the Summer months. There is something about the light at the moment that is just beautiful. Clear blue skies and the fields still that verdant green, new young Spring wheat still pushing it's way up. The first cut of the hay fields, the soft grass laying in long ridges in the fields waiting to be turned.I just love it!

I don't know if you've seen the spectacular sunsets of late but I am loving how at midnight it is still truly not dark yet. Then by four in the morning the birds are beginning to chirp and daylight has arrived. Don't ask me how I know these things because most sensible people are in their warm cosy beds, but that's another story for another day!

Around the hedgerows and in the gardens wild flowers are growing, in fact if you stand still long enough I think you would witness it happening. you can almost hear them as they fight for room with each other. The orchard is covered in buttercups and daisies and looks so pretty I never want to cut it but Mr.M says we must.

One of my favourites is the cow parsley bobbing gently up and down in the breeze. Its delicate fronds dance happily and it just lifts my spirits when I am driving along the country lanes.

I love the fact that as the weather gets warmer we can throw open the windows and doors  and it feels like the house and garden are one. I think there is nothing nicer than wandering around the garden and cutting some fresh flowers which are in abundance at this time of year, filling vases and jugs full of these wonderful blooms and placing them around the house fills the whole place with the most wonderful scents!

Pictures courtesy of Pinterest