Spring Flowers

On of the earliest signs of spring is the lovely welcome appearance of that delicate  dainty flower, the snowdrop. I love these little flowers with their  lovely crisp white and soft green tones. Snowdrops begin to push their way up through the frozen earth when the weather is still very wintery. Not for no reason are they called "perce-neige" by the French  and snow pierces in parts of the U.K.

One of the other lovely thing about this flower is the other names it bears. February Fairmaids, Candlemas Bells, Mary's Taper and Dingle Dangle.

There is a lovely legend that says the snowdrops were created by an angel to comfort Adam and Eve during a snowstorm. Adam and Eve had be expelled from the garden of Eden and were really struggling with the harsh winter, an angel appeared and as the snowflakes fell he caught them and they were transformed into snowdrops which he gave to Eve  to reassure her that spring would return... A charming thought!

Not all people were happy with these little beauties, the Victorians believed that the flower resembled a corpse wrapped in a shroud and would not bring them into the house. I cannot see it myself and I love to have these beautiful, delicate flowers in my home. Little vases dotted around with these frilly little maids in just make my heart smile. With very little choice in the garden they are a welcome reminder that winter will pass and those warm breezy days of Spring will return!