Chilly day musings!

Here I am sitting in the shop feeling the chill. Outside the sun is shining down on the lovely cobbled streets of Steep Hill. But when I awoke this morning I could tell by the light behind my curtains that it must have snowed, I just felt it in my bones. The light was different some how. I jumped up and pulled back the curtains, and yes all around glittered with a smattering of snow. This just delighted my 13 year old who was up and out wanting to make the most of this light covering, after all it might be all the snow he sees this year! Snowballs were made off the trampoline and bombarded against the poor dog, who in usual spaniel style lept and bounded after them trying to catch them in her teeth.
Brrr, I thought, lots of layers today in the shop it will be freezing and yes, It is, my fingers are not
wanting to work.

But as I was making some bouquets my mind turned to warmer days and inevitably weddings. We have another child getting married this year, a son, and yes we are doing the flowers for his bride. The wedding will take place over near Preston in Lancashire so my car will be filled with all sorts of delightful flowers and scents. I love weddings there is just something that is just so joyful about them. When our eldest daughter got married, her chauffeur, who was a friend of the grooms family said " A bride makes everyone smile." And isn't that so true, whenever a bride and her groom come outside in all their wedding finery everyone stops to look. Myself included, I just love it.

One of the many aspects about this job that I love is the meeting with the bride, their joy is infectious. I always end up smiling for the rest of the day because they have just lit up the shop. It's just fun looking at all their ideas we spend time pouring over books, looking on Pinterest and generally discussing their ideas. It is such a privilege.

Although we do weddings all year round somehow when I think of wedding season I always think of
it as  May thru till September. In these months there is a plethora of flowers and greenery to choose from which makes our job so much easier. I love doing that just picked from the garden look where there is a real mixture of flowers and greenery that all compliment each other, sometimes with a real pop of colour but which are not terribly uniform, it seems very fashionable at the moment!

 For me, I think my favourite is the soft blush colours, palest of pinks and creamy whites, maybe it was because I had these colours for my own wedding, but I just think there is something incredibly romantic about them, and their subtle colours go with the lovely ivory and white which is still so favored by brides for their dresses.

This week of course we have had the lovely red Naomi Rose in for Valentines. Though not loved by everyone I do love it's delicate scent and certainly it was loved by the men folk who were buying for their ladies. I cannot believe that I now have to start to think about the flowers for Mothers Day which is just around the corner. But as I stand legs astride a small radiator to keep warm I must admit that the thought of  some warm weather is very appealing. So I'm going to get my glue gun out and start to make some more Spring wreaths in preparation for those warm balmy days!

Pictures are taken from a selection on Pinterest.