How did I get here!

It's crazy work, the life of a florist. Don't ask me how I ended up doing what I do. But in that one crazy existence we call life I have metamorphosed from daughter, to bank clerk, to wife, to mother to child-minder, to homeshooling mama, to florist. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I would own and work with two of my daughters in this adorable little shop nestled into Steep Hill in Lincon. That's what I love about the Grand Designer of life he likes to surprise you!

Sitting here today with one of my homeschooling students, (my youngest daughter), with me, well I say,with me, she's actually sneaked into town for a quick jolly before we crack open her books and get to work. Our customers are getting quite used to seeing her here with her books open. It's quite useful really because if she gets stuck there's usually some nice customer who just happens to understand equations or physics and is able to get her inept mother out of a sticky situation!

 I just love the fact in this job you just never know what's going to walk through the door, ... O.k maybe that's not quite true, sometimes it can be very stressful! But each day is varied. Sometimes we are welcoming people into the world, other times we are sending  them off. Sometimes we are helping them with their romance and other times we are mending broken hearts. Sometimes we are watching them join together and becoming one and others we are celebrating those special numbers, but whatever the occasion people allow us to enter in to those most momentous occasions that they are having and that is something I am always grateful for and that is why I love being a florist!