Babies, Brides and Bouquets

Another year another wedding. Well as a family we have a few exciting weeks ahead of us. This weekends sees Elizabeth's little baby Merida getting Baptized. So we will be straightening the barn in which she got married last year in preparation for their daughters celebration.

Quickly followed by her brothers wedding in May.

Now as I'm sure many of you are aware I love a wedding, however preparing for your child's big day is always one of mixed emotions. First of all the joy and excitement that they have found someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with and secondly the twinge of sadness as another child flies the nest. But I'm afraid that's part and parcel of life. So once again I find my mind turning to the flowers deciding what will work and what won't as we need to transport them to the otherside of the country.

 Sarah and I have been looking through Pinterest and bridal magazines gathering ideas for their country wedding. It amazes me how this year has disappeared,it doesn't seem five minutes since I was blogging about Elizabeth's upcoming nuptials. ( It will be their first anniversary the day after Meridas Baptisim,) that year just went...whoosh! So as wedding fever once again mounts in our home you will find me in the shop surrounded by flowers trying to decide which is the prettiest of blooms to go with the prettiest of brides.

Bouquet pictures courtesy of Pinterest!