New Year

There's something I find charming about New Year. I like the idea of new beginnings. I know we wake up each morning and we have a bright new day in front of us and I hope I live them with passion and purpose. That's how I feel about a new year. I can look back on the old one and give thanks for all the beautiful things that have happened, not only in the shop and business but on a personal level as well. This year didn't start quite as I'd planned with Elizabeth being placed on
maternity leave earlier than we expected  and I had to step into the breach in a much more hands on way than I had anticipated, but I loved it! Elizabeth then went on to give us a beautiful Granddaughter.

Then Later in the year I gained a beautiful daughter-in-law and a snuggly Grandson and a future
Daughter-in-law. But like all things in life we cannot always have sunshine without the rain. The loss of some dear friends and some other life challenges remind me that I must always seize the day.

So 2017 brings with it that contemplation of a blank canvas, well not quite blank my eldest gets married in April so that's something to look forward to. And on the shop front the shop has weddings stacking up nicely so they're always lovely to partake in. Hopefully we will finally open our web shop and get some Arbour courses up and running. So keep plugged into our Facebook page .

So as we turn over the page on a new year I wish you and yours a blessed and peaceful New Year and we at The Arbour look forward to seeing you in 2017.