January Days!

Well , here we are well into the dark grey chilly days. But passed the shortest day the days will begin to lengthen and thoughts of Spring  keep us looking forward. I always find this time straight after Christmas a little dismal. The decorations are down, the days are dark and the shop looks a little bare as we await new stock. I often am surprised how our small little shop tucked away on Steep Hill becomes a hub for people as they climb, breathlessly up that cobbled street. I love it when friends old

and new come in and stop to catch their breath before setting out on the next part of the ascent. People are drawn into the shop by the lovely scents which they can smell as they wander up. The

bright flower stand seems to be the one part of the shop that stands out. The flowers have come from

much warmer climes. Armfuls of flowers that are so incandescent in their freshness sit waiting to be

displayed in new ways.

 I love the scented Narcissi. The purity of the simple dainty head just pleases me and  I love to add them into the bouquets along with the freshest of pussy willow. Having said that I am also very fond of the tulip. There is nothing nicer than bringing a couple of wraps of the palest pink or soft white flower home and spreading them around the house. They just seem to chase away those dark days.

My other indulgence at this time of year is the hyacinth bulbs. Potted up just before Christmas they are now beginning to bloom and their heady aroma is beginning to fill the house.  I like to look for different and interesting pots to display the bulbs in. So at this time of year I often go scavenging amongst the antiques shops and reclamation yards to see what one off pieces I can find for the shop.

 There something very therapeutic about getting ones hands dirty as you pot up the plants with soil and I just love it when someone comes into the shop and says "that's perfect" for my friends birthday and walk away with one of my little finds because they know it fits the bill perfectly.

So while we have to wrap up warm and we can see our breath because the shop is so cold I sit and look at the flower stand and dream of warmer days and hope for a year of contentment.