Normality is a paved road

Normality is a paved road: it's comfortable to walk but no flowers grow.'- Vincent Van Gogh

It never ceases to amaze me the way a simple flower is held up in literature, art, even philosophy, as the 'good' we should aspire towards. It's true that flowers do far more than to simply brighten the kitchen table; they impress upon us and remind us of how beautiful this earth is and what it is capable of producing. Isn't that something to be celebrated?

Here at the Arbour, we are slightly biased; we LIVE for the moments where flowers bring about beautiful encounters. I sometimes look at our bucket loads, sitting there waiting to go to their new homes- Oh, the stories they would tell!

 Our blooms have taken pride of place at wedding celebrations, they've seen engagements and parties, they've congratulated and surprised, inspired and proposed! They never fail to bring a smile and their joy is catching. Perhaps that's why we love what we do so much?

No two days in our little flower shop could ever really be described as 'normal'; No two days are ever the same and we're privileged to play our part in bringing a little magic to some of life's biggest moments. From 'Welcome to the world!' to 'Will you marry me?' Our flowers have been part of momentous occasions and for us, it's a privilege that never grows old!

This week we're beginning to get ahead with lots of exciting Christmas prep and the shop is slowly transforming into a wonderful, festive atmosphere. We've just launched a new range of skincare products and candles (more on that soon!) and we're preparing to have all our stock assembled and ready for Lincoln's Christmas market next week.

Our Christmas wreaths tend to be particularly popular and with lots of orders already coming in, the biggest challenge is to avoid the shop floor being mistaken for an evergreen forest!

Whilst the buzz of festive spirit that descends on our staff is inescapable, I must admit, when the big day does finally roll around, we always have a momentary sigh of relief, basking in the wonderful efforts of our team and thinking about our lovely customers and how our blooms might be taking center stage on their own Christmas tables.

It's a wonderful job and we're very excited to share with you more 'behind the scenes' snapshots over the coming weeks as we prepare to send our beautiful blooms and gifts off to their new homes! And if you are planning to pop by the renowned Lincoln Christmas Market, do pop into The Arbour on your way- we'd love to meet you!